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Improving Commercial HVAC Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality: In Calgary and Edmonton

Clearzone Services Ltd.: Our Mission for Duct Cleaning in Calgary

At Clearzone Services, our mission is to correct commerical and industrial HVAC ventilation system problems caused by restricted air flow due to built-up dirt, dust and airborne contaminants, in a courteous, professional and comprehensive way.

The experienced professionals at Clearzone Services provide furnace cleaning in Calgary and throughout Alberta. We also offer robot-powered duct cleaning to Calgary and Edmonton industries and commercial facilities. Call us for convenient 24/7 service!

Our Commitment

We understand that your HVAC system is essential to your business and that you’re investing in the health and comfort of your employees and clients, protecting natural resources by making your systems as energy-efficient as possible, saving money on your heating and cooling costs and extending the life of you HVAC equipment.

Our commitment is, therefore, to respond to your needs promptly and with integrity.

We serve all of Alberta with a high degree of professionalism, competency and integrity.

We provide a high degree of professionalism, competency, and integrity. We service the areas of Alberta, Eastern British Columbia, and Saskatchewan.

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Calgary: 403-569-8089
Calgary After-Hours Drain Cleaning: 403-466-2075
Edmonton: 780-405-3610
Rest of Alberta: 1-866-569-8089
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