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Our Mission for Dryer Vent Cleaning in Calgary

Protect your business from fire risk with Clearzone Services’ dependable commercial exhaust cleaning in Edmonton, Calgary and other Alberta communities. You can rely on us to use safe cleaning methods that will not corrode or otherwise damage your equipment while we thoroughly clean exhausts, fume hoods and hall pressurization systems. We also offer commercial dryer vent cleaning to Calgary clients and to businesses throughout the province. Call Clearzone Services to schedule:

  • Commercial Exhaust Cleaning
  • Fume Hood Cleaning
  • Hallway Pressurization Cleaning
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning

Why do you Need Vent Cleaning in Calgary?

If your business has a forced air HVAC system you probably need vent cleaning in Calgary. This is essential for the system to operate efficiently. It is also critical for the wellbeing of your employees who breathe the air in your business. Our power vac vent cleaning service is safe and efficient for your business and can help keep your employees happier and healthier.

Our duct cleaning vacuum units apply negative pressure to zones within your HVAC system to clear them of dirt, dust, and debris. Our tools can delivers up to 200 psi of pressure throughout your system zone by zone. We do this until the entire system is thoroughly scrubbed clean. Our vac systems can also clean out dryer vent ducts, which is critical for fire safety. Over time, lent and debris can collect in dryer vent ducts, which presents a fire hazard if they are ignored for too long.

Other Cleaning Services

Clearzone Services offers businesses and industries in Western Canada a variety of custom cleaning services. Our long experience and up-to-date equipment allow us to offer specialized cleaning and maintenance services such as:

  • High Level Cleaning
  • Repair and Replace Acoustic Insulation
  • Custom Cleaning for Special Needs or Apparatus

From cleaning and inspection of your commercial ductwork and exhausts to commercial furnace cleaning in Edmonton, Calgary and other business centres in Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan, Clearzone Services offers complete HVAC cleaning services for your business or industry. We serve clients in a wide range of industries and we look forward to serving you.

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