Commercial Duct Cleaning Will Keep Your Employees Happy and Healthy

If you’re in charge of any commercial or industrial business, part of your job is maintaining a healthy environment that’s free of allergens for your employees and customers. Many people don’t think about having the vents and ducts in their business cleaned, but if your employees miss work often due to illness or allergies, the air in the building may be the cause.

Increase productivity

All indoor environments have particles of dirt, dust and allergens in the air. These particles end up the your building’s HVAC system and get circulated through the vents repeatedly.

Because most industrial and commercial spaces don’t have windows that open, there is nowhere for the particles to go and they build up in the ducts and vents thereby increasing the spread of illnesses like the common cold and the flu. Flare ups of allergies and asthma are also multiplied. These issues typically cause employees to be less productive and even miss work.

Cleaning the ducts and vents regularly can reduce the spread of illness, and keep your employees healthy and happy to do their job.

Keep your system running

Not only do the dirt, dust and allergens in the air reduce the indoor air quality, but they also collect in your vents and reduce airflow, making your HVAC system work harder than necessary.

Having your system inspected annually and cleaned when needed will ensure that it continues to work effectively, reducing your energy bills and avoiding emergency repair if the buildup is left so long that is causes damage.

We work around your schedule

It can be a hassle to have maintenance work done when people are trying to get their jobs done. This is especially true if you have clients in and out of your business during the day. Clearzone Services understands this, so we can schedule regular inspections and maintenance at the most convenient time for you. If you need us to come in after hours, on the weekend, during regular plant shut downs or even on holidays, we’re happy to do this at no extra cost.

If you think the air in your commercial or industrial business is affecting productivity, we can help. We offer duct and vent cleaning, HVAC inspections and cleaning and many other services to businesses in Edmonton, Calgary and the rest of Alberta. Call us today to make an appointment to discuss your needs.