5 Maintenance Tips to Ensure Your Furnace Runs Smoothly

Are your employees constantly complaining about their frigid working conditions? If so, then your furnace is certainly not doing its job. Winter is bad enough without your furnace dying or failing to put out enough heat. Luckily, the commercial furnace cleaning experts at Clearzone Services in Alberta are here to provide troubleshooting tips for the warmest of winters.

Did you know that furnace breakdowns are almost always caused by improper maintenance? Regular inspections, especially after a long summer of inactivity, are recommended to ensure your furnace stays in peak condition all winter long. 

Here are five important steps to take to ensure a comfortable and safe working environment all year round.

1. Change filters:
If your blower is running but no heat is coming out, chances are your filters need replacement. Dirty filters are the most common cause of furnace malfunctions. Dust and dirt particles restrict airflow, which reduces the efficiency of heat exchange. Replacing your filters is a lot more cost-effective than having your furnace work double-time.

2. Clean the blower:
After filters, the blower assembly should be next in line. Blowers power the fans that distribute heat throughout the structure. To ensure yours keep running at optimal speed, use a damp cloth to clean the pulleys, belts and other components that make up the system from the dust, dirt and debris that penetrate the air filter.

3. Look for blocked or leaky ducts:

If your furnace turns on but one or two rooms still feel like the North Pole, you probably have a blocked or leaky duct. Examine the ductwork and seal any gaps with industrial grade duct tape.

4. Inspect burner flames

When activated, your burners should burn even and blue. A yellow flame usually means your burners are dirty. Vacuum everywhere you see dust and use a flashlight to look out for soot; ashy residue is usually a sign of poor combustion.

5. Check the fans:

Probably the most important component, the fans are responsible for circulating newly warmed air. If these fans malfunction, then heat is not properly distributed. Furthermore, dusty fans can significantly compromise air quality by circulating dirt and debris throughout the building.

Performing regular upkeeps on your business’s ventilation and heating system can save on energy, increase comfort, minimize repair costs and protect your employees from the health effects of poor air quality—including the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning!

Beware of the hazardous consequences of blocked ventilation. For commercial furnace cleaning in Calgary, Edmonton or surrounding Alberta regions, trust the experts at Clearzone Services to get the job done right. Specializing in commercial and industrial HVAC systems for more than 20 years, Clearzone Services uses top-of-the-line equipment to ensure a thorough and reliable cleaning.

Call today to make an appointment for your commercial furnace cleaning needs. Whether your business is located in Calgary or Edmonton, we’ll visit your site and provide you with a free and accurate quote!