Is It Too Late to Get My Facility’s Furnace Cleaned?

Better late than never, the old saying goes. And when it comes to having your furnace cleaned, these words of wisdom ring true. Although it’s best to have your facility’s furnace cleaned prior to winter, it’s much better to have the job done late than to skip it entirely. Keeping reading to find out why it’s so important to get your commercial furnace cleaned annually, even when it means doing so in winter instead of late summer or fall.

Does a commercial furnace need to be cleaned every year?

It’s highly important that you have your furnace both inspected and cleaned. Know that a furnace inspection and a furnace cleaning serve different functions. Whereas an inspection focuses on the functioning of your furnace, a cleaning attends to its cleanliness. It entails thoroughly cleaning the coils, fan blower and ductwork using specialized equipment and ensures that you have high-quality air circulating through your building.

What happens if I fail to get my furnace cleaned?

In the course of a year, ducts and coils accumulate a good deal of particulate and seasonal allergens. Not only does this restrict air flow, it can also aggravate people’s allergy symptoms and cause serious problems for those with respiratory problems. And during the winter your furnace circulates air constantly. That’s why a furnace cleaning prior to winter is ideal, and it’s also why, if it’s already winter and you haven’t yet taken this step, you should schedule a cleaning as soon as possible.

What are the benefits of a professional furnace cleaning?

Optimizing air quality is reason enough for a professional furnace cleaning, but here are a number of other benefits to having your facility’s furnace professionally cleaned:

  • It increases your furnace’s efficiency (and thereby decreases your energy costs)
  • It prolongs your furnace’s lifespan
  • It reduces the risk of fire
  • It improves the functioning of your furnace, decreasing the risk of the machine breaking down (an especially unhappy prospect during winter)

Commercial furnace cleaning in Calgary and Edmonton

If you’re looking for superior professional furnace cleaning in Alberta, you can count on the team at Clearzone Services. Our comprehensive cleaning involves removing all contaminants from ducts and indoor and outdoor coils. We clean systems of all makes and models and service a wide range of industries, including property management, manufacturing, hotel, restaurant, retail and health care, to name just a few. Reach out to us today!