Why You should Clean Your HVAC Coil

When you’ve got a business to run, cleaning your HVAC coils is likely the last thing on your long list of priorities. Who has time to worry about such tedious details? But what if we told you that commercial HVAC cleaning at your Edmonton business could save you money?

How Cleaning Your HVAC Coil Helps Your Bottom Line

The Dirty Details
When dirt and dust collect on your HVAC coil two things happen that can impact your bottom line. The first of these is that your HVAC’s efficiency is dramatically reduced and the second is that pollutants begin to increasingly diminish the air quality of your building. Both these phenomena have a role to play in increasing company costs.

It’s All about Energy
30%. That’s the number energy experts like the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tout as being the difference in energy output between a clean and a dirty HVAC. Debris on coils forces the entire system to work harder to achieve the same result. And a harder working HVAC is a pricier one to operate as it significantly raises the costs of heating and cooling for your business.

Maintenance vs. Repair
A grubby coil decreases airflow and leads to a reduction of heat transfer, thereby making key processes begin to degrade. Not only does this affect your expenses for heating and cooling, but when the system begins to breakdown you’ll pay for repairs, which are far more costly than annual maintenance procedures.

Employee Productivity
When pollutants like dust and mould enter the airflow in your building, you and your employees are impacted. You may notice an increase in sick days, or simply that once productive staff members now seem lethargic and less effective. This is because bacteria, spores, fungi, and other contaminants are being constantly re-circulated and breathed in by your workforce. These pollutants are shown to cause respiratory illnesses, coughs, asthma attacks, and even the common cold. Keeping your HVAC coils and the entire system clean therefore helps you maintain the highest possible quality of airflow and thereby the health of your employees. This allows for optimum levels of productivity within the edifice of your commercial enterprise.

Complete HVAC Cleaning
The annual ridding of dirt and grime from your system’s coils is an essential part of HVAC maintenance. In Edmonton, Clearzone Services offers this ministration alongside other aspects of its yearly upkeep of your system. We can come in after business hours, during a shutdown or any time that’s convenient—and not disruptive to you—at no additional cost. Contact us today to receive a free inspection and quote for a thorough cleaning of your HVAC.