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We Offer Industrial and Commercial Duct Cleaning in Edmonton & Calgary

Clearzone Services’ experienced staff is trained and equipped to handle the demands of commercial duct cleaning in Edmonton, Calgary and surrounding areas. Our wide range of industrial HVAC cleaning services makes your working environment healthier and safer for your employees and pays off in energy savings and more efficient operation. We can provide you before-and-after pictures to help you see the difference that Clearzone Services can make to your business. Call Clearzone Services to clean:

  • Air Handling Units
  • Coil Banks & Induction Coils
  • Ductwork
  • Exhaust Systems, Fume Hoods & Dryer Vents
  • Make Up Air Systems

Ductwork Cleaning with Portable Robotic Equipment

Clean ductwork improves air flow through your HVAC system, reducing the system’s energy costs. Clearzone Services’ thorough cleaning and disinfection of ductwork will also reduce the spread of allergens and other contaminants in your facility. Our experience and process allows us to determine the most effective approach to the cleaning of your particular HVAC system. While many duct cleaning services in Edmonton simply “air wash” your ductwork, Clearzone Services also deploys powerful and portable robots which mechanically brush debris from your ductwork for a thorough cleaning. The robots also allow us to perform a video inspection to make sure that the job has been done to our high standards and your specifications.

Acoustic Insulation & Other Services

If you have acoustic insulation in your facility, we will inspect and reseal the insulation, remove any that is deteriorated and install new insulation if necessary. Ask your Clearzone Services representative about custom cleaning procedures for sensitive equipment or any apparatus with special needs.

Convenient Preventive Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your HVAC system can help you reduce your energy costs and avoid costly repairs. Clearzone Services can create an affordable and customized preventive maintenance plan that fits your budget and schedule. We can come in after hours, during a plant shutdown or even on holidays, at no extra charge, to minimize disruption to your business.

Safety-Certified Commercial & Industrial HVAC Cleaning Service

Clearzone Services has earned a SECOR certification in safety and we are members of the Alberta Construction Safety Association. Our technicians are continually trained on current best practice to ensure the safety of your property and employees and the efficacy of our methods.

Get a Free Quote for Duct Cleaning in Edmonton

Since 1995, Clearzone Services has provided reliable industrial and commercial duct cleaning to Edmonton clients ranging from schools and healthcare facilities to oil and gas refineries, pharmaceutical labs and manufacturing plants. Our proven expertise has earned us a strong reputation throughout Alberta, Call us today for an appointment to discuss your duct cleaning needs. When you give us a call, we will visit your site and provide you a free and accurate quote, anywhere in Alberta. Be sure to call us for convenient 24/7 service!

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