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Industrial and Commercial Furnace Cleaning for Calgary, Edmonton & Surrounding Areas

When the temperature plummets, the last thing you want to deal with is your furnace failing, especially in the middle of another bitter-cold night. This system is extremely important for the health of safety of everyone inside a building, especially commercial properties where multiple people are gathered and there's also temperature-sensitive equipment and other items inside. One of the best ways to ensure the proper performance of your furnace is to have it thoroughly cleaned at least once a year by a trained professional.

When you call Clearzone Services for commercial furnace cleaning in Calgary, we use our specialized equipment to clean your furnace system and remove the harmful buildup of dust and debris that can quickly breed mould and mildew and drastically impact your indoor air quality. A dirty furnace produces dirty air which can aggravate people's allergy symptoms and cause potentially serious problems for anyone suffering from respiratory issues. We recommend having your furnace cleaned by a professional in the fall before the cold weather really sets in. This will give you greater peace of mind that your system can handle the continuous use and require less maintenance throughout the long winter season.

Commercial Furnace Cleaning for Edmonton Businesses

Your property's furnace is integral to the health and comfort of your employees, customers and clients. It's also a big investment for your business. We know you want your system to work well for many years without having to call for repairs seemingly every other day. Clearzone Services handles commercial furnace cleaning for Edmonton businesses as well as those in Calgary and other communities in Alberta. This valuable service is affordable and very beneficial for your furnace's current performance and future longevity. A professional furnace cleaning offers the following benefits:

  • Improves the efficiency of your furnace
  • Helps your system become more dependable
  • Prolongs the life of your furnace
  • Removes more indoor air contaminants
  • Helps protect the environment
  • Cuts down on your energy costs
  • Reduces your fire risk

A clean furnace is one that will last longer and give you less to worry about! We know you already have a lot on your plate, so let us help keep your furnace clean and functioning as efficiently as possible.

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We don't just give your furnace a quick once over. We perform a comprehensive cleaning that involves removing any and all contaminants from filters, ducts, indoor and outdoor coils, pumps, and other key components of your furnace. We clean systems of all makes and models.

Our experienced industry professionals are highly trained and always use the proper safety precautions. Clients have relied on Clearzone Services since 1995 for expert service and fast response times. We'll visit your site and provide you with a free and accurate quote before any work begins. Contact our team today to schedule service or ask any additional questions about our cleaning process. We look forward to working with you and helping your furnace remain clean and reliable.

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