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Industrial and Commercial Exhaust Cleaning Services for Calgary & Edmonton

You know how quickly your exhaust and hoods become dirty at home, well it's far worse for commercial systems! Due to their heavy usage and the ongoing buildup of grease, commercial exhaust systems pose a significant fire hazard and can also lower your indoor air quality when dirty. So when it's time to schedule a commercial exhaust cleaning in Calgary, Clearzone Services can take care of it.

Your property's safety is our top priority. With our specialized tools and equipment, we professionally clean hoods and exhaust ducts for commercial systems in the local area. You have a legal responsibility as a property owner to provide a safe workplace for your employees and customers alike. This cleaning service is a key part of your commitment to safety and is industry mandated. You can call Clearzone Services for:

  • Hood and exhaust duct cleaning
  • Equipment cleaning
  • Degreasing

Our experienced team uses highly effective methods and cleaning solutions for degreasing purposes. All hoods and exhaust systems are thoroughly cleaned and then inspected again to be sure all the harmful contaminants have been safely and properly removed.

Commercial Exhaust Cleaning in Edmonton

Do you need a commercial exhaust cleaning in Edmonton? No problem! We also provide professional cleaning services for commercial systems in Edmonton and many other communities in Alberta.

The recommended cleaning schedule for commercial hood and exhaust systems is as follows:

  • High-volume operations with 24-hour service, broilers or woks: quarterly
  • Moderate-volume operations: semi-annually
  • Low-volume operations: annually

Hood and exhaust cleanings maximize the equipment's efficiency and can lengthen its lifespan. You also won't have to be as worried about surprise fire inspections since you know your exhaust system is professionally cleaned on a regular basis! Our team is trained to be thorough and never cuts corners. The industry standard says the equipment is clean if you can see bare metal. With Clearzone Services, you can expect this type of cleaning every time you call. We provide prompt service and won't leave a mess when we're done.

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During peak seasons or holidays where you're expecting more customers, it's also highly recommended that you prepare by scheduling a cleaning ahead of time. We can help keep your equipment in peak condition and your reputation as a clean, well-cared for establishment intact.

Clearzone Services is proud to serve Alberta communities and has been doing so since 1995. We're constantly training our staff and upgrading our equipment in order to be even more efficient. Since 2005, we've held a Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR) which shows our commitment to the ongoing health and safety of our employees and our clients.

Contact our team to receive a free quote for your commercial kitchen hood and exhaust cleaning. To minimize interruptions in your busy schedule, we operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We're here for you whenever you need us!

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